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Sports injuries aren’t just painful; they stop you from doing the activities you enjoy. If you have a sports injury, the experienced team at AABP Integrative Pain Care in New York can help. They offer specialized treatments for sports injuries, including biologics such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. For speedy and complete recovery from your sports injuries, call AABP Integrative Pain Care’s office in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, or in White Plains, New York, or book an appointment online today.

Sports Injuries Q & A

What causes sports injuries?

Sports injuries have many possible causes, some avoidable, others less so. Some of the most frequent causes of sports injuries include:

  • Falls
  • Collisions
  • Stretching too far
  • Pushing yourself too hard
  • Unsuitable or unsupportive footwear
  • Too much running on hard surfaces
  • Running over uneven ground
  • Not resting a minor injury
  • Not warming up or cooling down properly
  • Not using protective equipment

Many sports injuries occur because people are so enthusiastic that they go beyond their body’s limits in an effort to win, make a catch, or get a better time. Sports injuries don’t just affect elite athletes, though. They can happen to anyone at any age whenever they’re physically active.

What are the most common sports injuries?

Common types of sports injuries include:

  • Ligament sprains
  • Tendon strains
  • Concussion
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Torn muscles
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Stress fractures

In addition to acute sports injuries, you can develop overuse or repetitive strain injuries. These occur when making the same movements repeatedly causes a build-up of slight injuries in the tissues. Examples include tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis), and Achilles tendonitis.

Sports injuries that don’t receive the proper treatment might heal poorly, create excess scar tissue, or cause joint instability. These issues can result in chronic pain and affect your performance. They also leave you at risk of developing long-term problems like arthritis, so prompt, expert treatment of sports injuries is essential.

How are sports injuries treated?

Some of the main treatments the AABP Integrative Pain Care team uses include:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy has multiple benefits, including providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, preventing stiffness, speeding up healing, improving flexibility, and restoring range of motion. Your physical therapy program could include a variety of treatments, from specific exercises and therapeutic massage to bracing, taping, and orthotics.


Biologic treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections use cells harvested from your body to stimulate the natural healing process.


Several injectable treatments can help with more serious or persistent sports injuries. They include steroid injections that reduce inflammation and hyaluronic acid injections that lubricate your joints.

AABP Integrative Pain Care also offers advanced treatments like radiofrequency ablation and iovera° treatment for patients with severe pain that isn’t improving using other means.

To find out more about optimizing your recovery from sports injuries, call AABP Integrative Pain Care today or book an appointment online.