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Could Your Shoes Be to Blame for Your Back Pain?

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There will come a time when you need to choose the health of your joints over fashion. Learn how unsupportive shoes can increase your risk for joint misalignments that lead to chronic back pain.

You might not think twice about putting on your shoes every day because it’s likely a normal part of your usual routine. But when your back starts hurting, it’s worth your while to consider if the shoes you’re wearing are a part of the problem.

Back pain is a common complaint among adults, especially those that stand on their feet all day. At AABP Integrative Pain Care, our providers offer comprehensive care for back pain that occurs from injuries, degenerative conditions, and lifestyle habits you may not even be aware of.

Our pain management specialists take a holistic approach to pain management and consider all the factors that may be contributing to your back pain - right down to your choice of footwear.

How your shoes play a role in your back pain

Your feet have multiple joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that all work together to give you mobility. When these bones and tissues don’t have the support they need, it can lead to dysfunction and pain.

A supportive pair of shoes have enough room for your toes, provide good arch support, and absorb some of the shocks of your movements. When you wear shoes that are too narrow or don’t fit properly, the joints in your feet, hips, and spine can pay the price. Frequently wearing unsupportive shoes like high heels and flip flops can actually cause the joints in your spine to move out of alignment.

When the joints of your spine become misaligned, it can increase your risk for back pain. You may also be at increased risk for osteoarthritis and other degenerative spine conditions if you neglect treatment for misaligned joints.

Poor-fitting shoes can also increase your risk for ligament strains and muscle sprains if you trip or slip when walking.

When to get help for back pain

Many people experience minor back pain after strenuous activity or long periods of standing or walking on hard floors. Often, this discomfort is treatable with rest and over-the-counter medication.

You should also consider the style of shoes you’re wearing during activities when you notice an increase in your back pain. Choose a more supportive shoe that fits well to see if your back pain decreases.

If home care and shoe changes aren’t enough to address your back pain, you can meet with our pain management team. We complete a comprehensive health evaluation to pinpoint the cause of your pain and design a plan to treat it.

Our providers specialize in nonsurgical treatments to ease your existing pain, including:

Regenerative medicine therapies like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate are also available. These treatments harness your body’s natural healing abilities to help you heal bone and soft tissue damage in your joints.

If you already have damage in your spinal joints because of arthritis or other degenerative condition, we may recommend minimally invasive lumbar decompression (MILD®) surgery or peripheral nerve stimulation.

Our goals are to minimize the pain you currently have and lower your risk for more serious spinal complications. The earlier you seek treatment for persistent back pain, the more effective your treatment will be. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your spine remains healthy and strong.

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