David Rosenblum, M.D.

Interventional Pain Management

Dr. David Rosenblum is currently the director of Pain Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center, and sees outpatients at his various office locations.  He is dual board certified in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.  He completed a fellowship in interventional pain medicine at New York University, where he also underwent three years of training in Anesthesia.  He also completed an internship in internal medicine at Columbia’s St. Luke’s –Roosevelt hospital, after having received his medical degree from Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

David Rosenblum, M.D. is a leader in the fields of interventional pain medicine and regional anesthesiology.  His particular interests include regional anesthesia and ultrasound-guided nerve blocks.  He has developed numerous protocols and policies to ensure the safe proliferation of anesthesia and pain management.  He currently represents the Maimonides department of anesthesia in the development of programs for ensuring adequate pain control of obstetric, orthopaedic, cancer and other patients.

Dr. Rosenblum also has extensive experience in the realm of ultrasound guided nerve blocks, and is currently involved in clinical research that examines the practical applications.

No unnecessary medications or procedures is a core principle of how AABP Pain Physicians practice.  Check out the below video of Dr. Rosenblum describing how he manages shoulder pain and treats rotator cuff tears.
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