Is chronic pain affected by weather? AABP Integrative Pain Care

September 7, 2016

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For us New Yorkers, Labor Day represents the start of Autumn. Already, the weather is starting to shift. The nights are much cooler and the days a not as hot as they were! As we say hello to these new temperatures, where does that leave chronic pain sufferers?

It has not been proven that there is a correlation between colder temperatures and chronic pain. We’ve asked AABP Integrative Pain Care‘s Dr. David Rosenblum to give his thoughts.
“Some patients may experience exacerbation of their pain during the colder or more humid days. My patients often say that they can tell the weather by the level of pain that they suffer from.”

AABP Integrative Pain Care patients with chronic joint pain have shared their experiences with how they are able to predict changes in the weather based on how their joints are feeling. We want to make sure that all of our patients are comfortable and healthy.

If you’re experiencing more pain due to the change of weather, contact your local AABP office and inquire about our pain management services.

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