Did you Know: Altered Focus

August 24, 2016

Anatomy of male brain pain with all joints pain in blue

                                                                                                               Altered Focus

At AABP, we care about our patients. We like to offer different options of ways to manage your pain during your daily routines.

Did you know one easy way to help cope with pain starts with your mind? Altered focus, is a simple strategy where one focuses their attention on a specific non-painful part of the body (back, hand, etc.) This technique is a great demonstration of how powerful the mind can be.

This is a favorite technique for many due to the fact that there isn’t much required. If you are experiencing minor pain in one area of your body. Try to shift your focus from the pain and focus on an area where you are not experiencing pain. If you do it correctly, you’re able to alter sensation away from the pain affected area.

Remember, if your pain lasts longer than expected, please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of the AABP doctors.

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