Dr. Rosenblum- Clinical Pain Advisor

February 26, 2015

Dr. David Rosenblum talks pain management with Mark Kronenfeld, MD and Greg Ribikove, MD on Satelite radio.

David Rosenblum, MD has just accepted an offer to be an editor and member of the Advisor Board for Haymarket Publishings Clinical Pain Advisor Website

Dr. Rosenblum is known for his unique approach to pain management and ultrasound techniques. He has been selected for the editorial and advisory board to review and edit articles.  His podcast entitled,The PainExam Podcast has already sparked interest in this start-up aimed at educating clinicians who treat patients in pain.PainExam.com Podcast by DRosenblum, MD

Later this year, additional podcasts are scheduled to be released, and may include a series dedicated to nurses and physician assistants who practice pain management.

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